Why We’re All Smell The Same

Though a limited few might’ve been able to actually catch a whiff of whatever we were wearing, on daily walks or trips to the grocery store, perfume still held value for some people. Rachel Herz, PhD, is Brown University adjunct professor and neuroscientist who specialises in the psychological science of smell. She recently told R29 that fragrance and mood are connected, and that scent can immediately trigger emotions and memories, evoking things like positive experiences and loved ones. For others, there might not have been much reason to wear perfume during the darkest days of the pandemic, but with the world opening back up again, it’s clear we’re gravitating back to scent in droves — a select few luxe versions in particular. Coty pinpointed the TikTok-famous Gucci Flora and equally beloved and luxurious Burberry Her (made by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the mastermind behind Baccarat Rouge) as recent winners. Like the latest trending accessory, these fragrances convey status. While isolation may still feel very raw, the new opportunity we have to saunter around in a plume of these commanding scents says, “I have arrived.”

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