Why We Love Hand-Forged Engagement Rings

image provided by MJ Jewellers

Deciding that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with your person is an exciting step. The emotions that will carry you through your wedding planning process are as beautiful as the rings you’ll choose for each other. This symbol of your affection for each other should be as unique as your love. If you’re wearing a hand-forged ring, it will be.

Most wedding and engagement rings are made with casts and aren’t hand-forged. The special hand-forging process creates totally custom and unique rings using the gemstones and metals of your choice. These hand-forged rings will last a lifetime—and beyond.

Perks of Hand-Forged Engagement Rings

How your wedding ring is made has a huge impact on the quality and longevity of your jewelry. It’s fairly uncommon to find rings that have been handmade from scratch without the use of machine technology. The process of creating a hand-forged ring will ensure that the ring is strong, unique, and lasts for generations to come.

Hand-forged jewelry is much harder to scratch or bend because it’s much denser than cast jewelry. Because hand-forged jewelry is done by expert craftsmen using traditional European goldsmithing techniques, it’s an artistic form of jewelry making that is rarely seen anymore because mass-production and casted jewelry have taken over much of the market. This technique also makes it easier to mix metals without worrying about the durability of the ring.

Handmade engagement rings are also made to last, just like our favorite Canadian family-owned jewelry business.

image provided by MJ Jewellers

Why We Love MJ Jewellers

MJ Jewellers is a family run jewelry design business from Canada that has been in operation since 1986. When it was originally opened by John Leung, he wanted to provide people with high quality jewelry that was expertly crafted, beautifully designed, and priced fairly. 

MJ Jewellers prides themselves on having customers that have become lifelong clients because of the dedication to quality and customer relationships. With the help of John’s son Terry and their incredible team, they’ve created a jewelry business that is special, personal, and built to last—just like your engagement and wedding rings should be.

Beautiful and Unique Gemstones Available

Going above and beyond with unique engagement rings, the team is also passionate about beautiful and ethically sourced gemstones. They have a large selection of hand-picked gemstones including the highest quality diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more.

Learn more about hand-forged engagement rings from MJ Jewellers:

Shop MJ Jewellers’ New Online Store

To help make  these high quality jewelry accessible to even more customers, they’ve recently launched an online store. Now anyone can access their unique line of jewelry. To celebrate the launch of their new online store, MJ Jewellers is hosting a giveaway with us—a $1,000 gift card to be used in-store or online!

Find the details on our Instagram. Enter the giveaway today and check out their online shop to get inspired!

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image provided by MJ Jewellers

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