Try-On Haul: 18 Pieces That Are a Must for Any 2022 Wardrobe

There’s nothing I love more than forever pieces. You know, those things in your closet that have experienced memories with you, whether it’s a top you wore to that job interview that ended up changing your life or a dress that took you to unexpected places on a night out. I always feel like it’s the simple wardrobe staples that end up having the biggest impact on your life. I mean just think about the pair of pants you wear every weekend. You two have been through everything together. Our wardrobe staples are there for each and every one of our special moments, so I like to choose mine wisely.

By wisely I mean I like for them to feel like the next big thing without being overly spotted on people I see in the streets, which is why I love to rely on some newness when it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. The latest drop from Who What Wear Collection just might have something in it that I can see myself bringing along with me to a very special day that is just not quite in the books yet. I have a good feeling about this one, and so do my co-workers. We were the first to wear these brand-spanking-new pieces, and genuinely, we are raving about them. Sometimes we get trend fatigue, so having these timeless pieces in our lineup is so refreshing. Below, you will find our editors’ favorite pieces along with why they’re so good and how to wear them. Enjoy.

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