Spring Cleaning Tips To Detox And Declutter Your Digital Space

Extended daylight, breezy weather, and blooming florals all mark the start of the long-awaited season of spring. Traditionally, this time of year calls for the seasonal ritual of spring cleaning to clear out clutter, reorganize forgotten spaces, and tidy up areas of our home — and life, in order to make room for the new. But who says that all the focus should be on decluttering your digs? 

Although we may spend the majority of our time in the confines of our home, we spend just as much, if not more time on our phones. In fact, the daily average of social media usage worldwide is up to 147 minutes per day, which is more than two and a half hours long. That’s a lot of time. 

We use our phones for content creation, keeping up with news, documenting our lives, and everything in between. And while it’s normal to find ourselves in the habit of socializing online, with every new season — both interpersonally and on the calendar, comes the opportunity to hit the reset button on the spaces that may be causing us mental blockage, online and in real life. 

Now that springtime has arrived, use this time and these tips to give your device the deep cleaning it needs! 

Start by Unfollowing Accounts That No Longer Serve You. 

Lately, social media has made a shift from being more than just sharing pretty pictures. Apps like TikTok and Instagram provide us with around-the-clock content that can affect our mental health and the way that we feel about ourselves. While some accounts might have been entertaining to us at one point in our lives, it’s okay to outgrow topics and conversations that no longer speak to the person you’re becoming.  Unfollowing accounts isn’t always personal, sometimes it’s the best choice you can make to keep your social corners clear of negativity. 

Embrace the Mute Button. 

So maybe straight-up unfollowing accounts isn’t quite your speed. Well, we’ve got another option that works just as well. Maybe there’s a family member who you followed out of obligation and unfollowing them could cause a stir at the next family cookout. On most social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, you have the option of muting words, phrases and posts that may come as a trigger to you. Choosing this option could be the best course of action to both keep the peace in your social spaces and keep the peace with those who wouldn’t take an unfollow so well.

Let Those Screenshots Go. 

One of those pesky habits that many of us have picked up over time is screenshotting things that we’ll eventually forget about later. We mean well, and when we’re in the moment we convince ourselves that we’ll get back to it, but more often than not, our attention spans let us down. All those photos are taking up valuable space in our phones, so take some time to skim through your albums, find what’s useful, and delete the rest. If you haven’t needed it by now, chances are you probably won’t — and that’s okay. 

Say Goodbye to Old Email Mailing Lists. 

Let’s be honest: If we looked at all the shops, stores, and brands that are vying for our inbox’s attention, we would probably question what we were thinking when we signed up for them in the first place. Maybe it was to snag a one-time Black Friday deal or to get a discount that we forgot to use. Whatever the case may be, it just might be time to find that inconspicuous unsubscribe button at the bottom of those emails and click that subscription goodbye. 

Ditch the FOMO and Embrace the Present.

Social media has a strange way of making us feel like we have to be in all places all the time. And with the world opening back up, it may bring up fears that you’re missing out depending on what your timeline is showing you. It’s nice to share in others’ moments when they’re at events like music festivals, trying out a trending restaurant, or on an extravagant vacation, but their elaborate moments don’t make your life any less meaningful. It can be easier said than done to think that way when you’re caught in the moment of scrolling, but to practice honoring the fullness of your life in the present allows you to embrace that there’s beauty in your now



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