Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer Honest Review W Selena

“As someone who still has occasional hormonal acne flareups, I love tinted moisturizers for their lightweight feel and hydrating properties. With complexion makeup of any kind, I usually aim for somewhere in the middle when it comes to coverage, since I prefer a natural-looking finish. I have olive skin, but the shade here was perhaps slightly too golden for me, with the next shade being too pink — but I made it work! If I’m having a clear-skin day, then I’d definitely use this again; however, because the coverage is very sheer, I’d probably opt for a more full-coverage product if I wanted to conceal a breakout. The finish of this product was a satiny-matte, so I ended up mixing a tiny bit of my moisturizer into the Rare Beauty stuff to add a more natural, dewy finish. This is optional, but I loved the way it photographed and will definitely make this my go-to technique as we ease into the summer months.”

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