FYI: These Are the 20 Best Metallic Nail Polishes to Try

Chic press-ons, whimsical stickers or wraps, glossy, fast-setting topcoats, patience (loads and loads of patience), high-quality formulas… All of the above can be key ingredients when you’re concocting a recipe for a professional-grade manicure at home. That said, I have another sneaky little trick up my sleeve when my fingers need to look put-together AF and I don’t have the extra time—or funds—to slide into the salon: metallic nail polish. 

Nothing feels quite so expensive and elevated as an extra hint of shimmer, so painting your tips with a light-reflecting lacquer is the easiest way to hack your way to a salon-level paint job without the extra fuss and budget allowance. Of course, there are literally hundreds of metallic nail polishes on the market, so we’re listing the 20 best (in our ultra-discerning opinion) just below. Keep scrolling to discover and shop 20 of the best metallic nail polishes money can buy. 

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