Cynthia Nixon shares her thoughts on criticism of Miranda’s AJLT storyline

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  • “You’re kidding yourself.”

    If you’ve been watching And Just Like That, you’ll likely have been pretty hooked with Miranda’s storyline.

    And now, the actress who plays Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, has spoken out about the controversial storyline.

    *Warning – contains spoilers below*

    For the long-awaited Sex and The City reboot, first, we saw Mr. Big killed off during an intense Peloton ride. Not only that, but thanks to a reported ongoing feud between Sarah Jessica-Parker and Kim Cattrall, Samantha hasn’t returned, only being mentioned a handful of times throughout the season (although she does text to send her condolences when Big dies).

    Next up: fans have been – ahem – divided about Miranda’s plot twist, which sees her lament a sex-less marriage with her husband, Steve, and stray following a night out watching a colleague of Carrie’s, Che Diaz, do stand up.

    Some have applauded her new sexual exploration, with others finding it unrealistic and unlikely. 

    Others have even gone as far as to say that the original character of Miranda wouldn’t have acted in the way she has.

    But isn’t that kind of the point – that people change, grow, and evolve as life goes on? The writers have said that the plot shows Miranda exploring and finding her true self, which some may only have the courage to do later in life.

    The actor has finally broken her silence on how Miranda has evolved – so what does Cynthia Nixon think?

    “I think some people are not loving seeing these characters off-kilter, but I love that,” she said on The Drew Barrymore Show. “Whatever age you are, you haven’t figured everything out. If you think you’ve figured everything out, you’re kidding yourself.”

    She went on: “You’re not young anymore but you’re not old either. You still have time to make sure your life is the way you want it to be and if you’re deeply unhappy in your career choices or in your marriage you should look at it and demand more.”

    Hear, hear. What do you think – is Miranda acting out of character, or does the storyline highlight the importance of accepting change as you get older?

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