Best Spring Cleaning Products For Clean Freaks 2022

Do you salivate at the smell of a “fresh laundry” candle? Did you participate in the terrifyingly appetizing Tide Pods craze of late 2017? Or, do you not care about detergent, but idolize your clothes? Then these laundry products can help. Our Deals Writer, Mercedes Viera, wrote a rave review of DedCool’s beautifully branded, deliciously fragrant (move over Tide Pods), and luxurious Detergent Milk — needless to say, the contents of that “very trendy tin can,” are a worthy splurge. But, for those living life on the practical side, organic reusable dryer balls are an environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and cost effective option in comparison to disposable dryer sheet packs. Lauterye’s, 100% New Zealand wool, pardon us, balls not only eliminate static like aforementioned sheets, they also reduce drying times by absorbing heat, prevent twists and tangles, and keep sensitive skin at bay thanks to the absence of chemicals or synthetics.

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