Barbie Ferreira Shares Her Top 3 Desert-Island Beauty Picks

You might have come to know our February cover star, Barbie Ferreira, from her dazzling Jonathan Simkhai–designed ensemble at the 2021 Met Gala or have been introduced to her while watching Euphoria, on which she plays Kat Hernandez. Maybe you even count yourself as an OG follower of the 25-year-old from her modeling days as the face of brands like Aerie, Adidas, and American Apparel nearly a decade ago. Regardless of how you first encountered the actress, though, there’s no question that she’s managed to capture—and keep—your attention. 

Ferreira has been in front of the camera from a young age, but with the sophomore season of Euphoria now streaming on HBO and a role in Jordan Peele’s forthcoming film Nope this summer, it’s safe to say that she’s officially a full-fledged screen star. And while acting is her full-time gig nowadays, she brings a visionary quality to both her theatrical and sartorial pursuits that lends everything she does an otherworldly quality. Take our cover shoot, for instance, in which she poses strikingly in ensembles that traverse the Orlando-inspired theme of gender fluidity. Ferreria, as we’ve come to learn, thrives in the worlds of fantasy and imagination.

We caught up with the actress to discuss everything from what we can expect from Euphoria‘s sophomore season to her favorite indie fashion labels and so much more. Below, read some excerpts from our interview.

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