7 Dated Handbag Trends That Have Disappeared (For Now)

As someone who is admittedly obsessed with handbags, I consider it my fashion-editor duty to keep you up to date on the comings and goings of handbag trends. The nice thing about bag trends is that they tend to stick around a lot longer than other types of trends. Given that they can be a significant investment, it makes sense.

You may have noticed an underlying theme when it comes to the bag trends of today—most are revived styles from the ’90s and 2000s, which is in keeping with what’s happening with fashion, in general, these days. But you most likely clicked into this story to find out what bag trends people aren’t wearing at the moment. I’m here to tell you that too.

Below, I’m highlighting 7 handbag trends I hardly ever see anymore (for now, at least), and 7 that you can’t escape these days (but why would you want to?).


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