5 Items Stylish Women Have in Their Closets

Fashion people are my guiding force, and that’s a fact. I always look to what my favorite stylists, editors, influencers, and buyers are wearing to glean some inspiration on how to style the classics. I stalk their feeds pretty regularly to keep up to date on their latest styling tricks and closet favorites, and while I was doing so recently, I came to a realization. There were a few trend-ish staples that they all seemed to own, no matter their style, role, or location.

I’m jotting down five stylish staples that these women, from L.A. to Montréal, have in common, and conveniently, our very own Who What Wear Collection has a few versions of each on hand. So in addition to highlighting how these women are wearing each wardrobe staple, I’ll be pointing you in the direction of the exact pieces I would recommend shopping from the line just in case you are so inspired to add one of them to your own closet. With that, continue on to discover the five staples that are officially fashion-person approved.

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